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List of Celtic Symbol Designs for Tattoos

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BUTTERFLY* Rebirth, Transformation, symbol of Renewal Resurrection Butterfly , Butterfly Renewal, Spiral Butterfly , Tribal Flight Butterfly
BALANCE balance of the 4 Elements Balance of Nature , Wheel of Balance; Wheel of Being, Charmed Balance
BROTHER the arrow symbolizes virility and power Brothers of the Arrow
CAT guardians of the gates of the Otherworld TT-A-6
CHIEFTAIN Tara was the scared site where the Irish Chieftain's were recognized as leaders TT-L-5
CLEANSING fire from a dragon is cleansing TT-A-8 , TT-R-2
CLADDAGH* love and friendship
Crown for Loyalty, Hands for Friendship, Heart for Love
C-2 , C-3 , C-4 , C-5 , C-6 , C-7
CROSS* the cross symbolizes the bridge between heaven and earth TT-X-1 , TT-X-5 , TT-X-6 , TT-X-7
DANCE Expressions of the soul; enjoyment of life TT-E-3 , TT-E-4 , TT-E-5
DIGNITY The lion, king of the jungle, royal and majesty TT-A-7 , TT-K-1
DOG / HOUND healer of both the soul and body. TT-A-3 , TT-A-4 , TT-A-14
DOLPHIN* a favorite of travelers, the dolphin is also know as a symbol for prosperity and the abundance of the earth. Dolphin Leap , Celtic Dolphin
DRAGON symbolic for luck and power; ensures fertility for crops and cattle TT-A-8 , TT-A-11
FATE twists of fate TT-L-5
FAMILY* Often just a simple image to remind one of a family member Charmed Sisters , Brothers , Motherhood
FERTILITY The Venus of Willendorf - a very ancient fertility symbol found in middle Europe around c. 24,000-22,000 BCE. The swollen belly or multiple groups of breasts were symbols used by many ancient tribes throughout the world to encourage both fertility among the people as well as plentiful crops. Motherhood
Many ancient tribes throughout Europe saw the dragon as enfluential on fertility Dragon Fire
FREEDOM to loosen the ties of earthly matters Wings of Freedom
GUIDANCE the horse has represented guidance and the transporter to the otherworld Mystical Equine
HARP one of the symbols for Ireland
the harp representing the soul has three melodies: laughter, slumber, and a sigh
TT-E-1 , TT-E-2
HEALTH a balance of the body and soul TT-S-11
HORSE power, guidance protectors prosperity, magic, prophecy, the transporter to the otherworld TT-A-1 , TT-A-2 , TT-A-9
IMMORTALITY The circle often represents unending, it could refer to the unending life, the soul which lives on after death Traditional Trinity Knot
LIFE the pentacle represents the five stages of life: birth, youth, adulthood, old age, and death. TT-P-1
LION dignity TT-A-7 , TT-K-1
LOYALTY ancient Celts viewed the dog as a symbol of loyaltyTT-A-14
LOVE there many loves - a parent's, a lover, a friend TT-L-5 , TT-L-9 , the Claddagh
Mother's protection of the child Mother's Love
MAGIC The horse has been viewed as a magical being Mystical Equine
MEDITATION Celtic knotwork and mazes have been used for centuries to aid in meditation TT-L-4
MOTHERHOOD Ancient people held great reverence for a pregnant female - they hope this would encourage their crops to be also bountiful.
Inspired by the Book of Kells, dots can be used to remember each child in the Celitc symbol for motherhood.
Motherhood , Mother's Love
PENTACLE the pentacle represents the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, or the five stages of life: birth, youth, adulthood, old age, and death. TT-P-1 , TT-P-2
POWER spiral enhanced power and confused the enemy TT-R-3
the horse was seen as power, guidance & a protector Pict Horses
PROSPERITY Prosperity has been represented by the horse and dolphin Mystical Equine , Celtic Dolphin
PROTECTION the ancient Celts believed that when a line crossed over or under another line a layer of protection against evil was added to a talisman. TT-L-1
REBIRTH, RENEWAL As the Butterfly emerges from its cocoon - it enters a new phase of Life, thus the Butterfly is the perfect symbol of Renewal. Butterfly Renewal , Spiral Butterfly , Tribal Flight Butterfly
RESURRECTION The butterfly is a symbol of the Resurrection. Rising from the seemingly lifeless chrysalis of the ugly caterpillar reminds one of the struggles and suffering of Jesus Christ on Good Friday. On the 3rd day He was resurrected. The butterfly is one motif associated with Christ. Resurrection Butterfly
SHAMROCK Irish symbol of Luck TT-S-7 , TT-S-8 , TT-U-4
SISTER the Triquetra can represent the 3 phase of woman Sister Love
SPIRITUAL JOURNEY The horizontal arms of the cross symbolize Earth - the temporal life.The vertical arms reach to the Heavens - the spiritual life. Celtic Protection
STRENGTH Each overlapping line adds Protection against evil TT-L-2
SUN The spiral moving to the right represents the sun and victory TT-R-5
THISTLE Scotland' s national symbol TT-S-10
TRANSFORMATION transformation, a new phase of Life Butterfly of Renewal , Spiral Butterfly
TRINITY 3 distinct yet interlocked levels: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual TT-L-3 , TT-M-1
TRIQUETRA unity and trinity of soul, heart and mind TT-M-1 , TT-M-2
UNITY the symbol for Ireland Unity Wheel of Balance
VICTORY The spiral moving to the right represents the sun and victory TT-R-5
WAR Spirals represent the Dance of War for the Scottish Highlands TT-R-5
WARRIOR arrow as a ray sun symbolized the warrior Brothers of the Arrow
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Unfortunately the people of the ancient world did not write down the meanings they assigned to art designs. By researching ancient writings from other peoples such as the Roman armies and Christain missionaries, some motifs' meanings have been perserved. During our modern period some of the Celtic knots have been associated with certain symbolic meanings and a variety of retail items claim to be "the symbol for ..... " - proceed with caution here - this could just be selling tool. When enough people recognize a design as standing for something - a symbol is born.
When choosing a Celtic knot for personal use - ask yourself what it means to you.
The Celtic Lady's™ offers this advice after learning of someone who had a Chinese symbol tattooed on her thigh. She was told the symbol was for "Nurse" or "Healing". Well, she lives in San Francisco - a wonderful city full of many Chinese residents. At her hospital she ran into a doctor from China who said that the tattoo meant something totally different from what she was told. She now has a very permanent reminder of her mistake in rushing into a decision without doing her research.